Having a vacuum cleaner which is lighter has its obvious benefits, but have you ever wondered how having a lightweight vacuum cleaner can really make a difference and the different tasks having a lighter vacuum can make more manageable?

In this article we explore the benefits of a lightweight vacuum cleaner and which could be the best lightweight vacuum cleaner for you.


A lighter weight means greater portability which allows you to more easily move it around the house, to clean a car or even put it in the car to take somewhere else.

Cordless vacuum cleaners and handheld vacuum cleaners take portability to another level as they aren’t tethered to a power outlet, allowing you to use them anywhere.

Easier to steer

A vacuum cleaner which is lighter in weight puts less pressure on your joints and back which makes it easier to steer around the home. This makes tricky areas of the house easier to clean and allows you to get underneath tables, chairs and sofas without worrying about lifting a heavy vacuum cleaner back up.

Our brand new Upright 300 is the lightest and most steerable upright Hoover vacuum cleaner ever with this problem in mind which can turn at 80 degrees.

Easier to handle

Lighter vacuum cleaners are easier to handle which means it can be easier to reach tricky places such as alcoves, cupboards and ceilings – especially if using a cordless vacuum cleaner in handheld mode. Uprights and cylinders have a long hose to make this scenario easy to deal with.

For ease of handling, look no further than the Upright 300.

Reduces fatigue

A lightweight Hoover has less weight to be pushed and pulled around the house which can reduce fatigue over time, especially if it’s a long vacuuming session. If you’re finding yourself drained after a big cleaning session then going for a lighter model may make a big difference to your energy levels afterwards.

It may even help make your cleaning sessions shorter so you can get back to what’s important in life.

Our cordless and handheld Hoovers are some of the lightest around.

Easier to get up and down the stairs

Going up and down stairs can be a real problem with heavy objects, which could potentially make it dangerous, especially for the elderly or people with mobility issues. A lighter vacuum cleaner can make it significantly easier to clean all the floors in your home without having to struggle up the steps.

A lightweight vacuum cleaner can also make it much easier to clean the actual stairs and not just the floor at the top of them.

Easier to store

Lighter vacuum cleaners can be easier to store, as the reduced weight makes it easier to move them around the house to be put away. Cylinders and upright vacuums can be tucked away in a cupboard, whilst a cordless stick vacuum has the option to be wall mounted, ready to grab and go for quick cleaning tasks. Some models such as the H-Free 500 even have a compact storage mode, enabling the height to be reduced, for example to store the vacuum in a short kitchen cupboard. 

Helpful to the elderly or those with back problems

A lightweight vacuum cleaner has a clear benefit for the elderly, those with mobility issues and back problems as there’s less weight to push, pull and carry and they are much more steerable, especially in the cordless models and the new 4.94kg HU300 Upright 300. A lightweight vacuum cleaner lets people keep their independence and ability to clean their home without compromise.

No compromise on power

Our lightest vacuum cleaners such as the Upright 300 use the same technology and perform at the same levels (sometimes better!) as their heavier counterparts meaning you don’t have to lose out on suction power to have a lighter Hoover.